Arizona Bike Week 2009
Visit 2008 Az Bk Wk
Kenneth Gross
Gerome Arizona, Historic mining town
Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson pre-rally kick off Party
Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson Bikini Contest
Spirit Room in Gerome AZ
Chaparral in Cottonwood AZ
A rabid bobcat walked into the Chaparral and
bit a couple of patrons. The next day they
featured the Special of the day "Rabies Shot"
Vicki from the Chaparral
had not been bitten
Scottsdale AZ
Miss Arizona Bike Week
Phoenix Suns
Mr. Buddy Stubbs
Handlebar Saloon at Westworld
My gal Katrina
4th Annual T-Bar Trail Ride
Gavilan Peak Sports Bar & Grill
Gavilan Peak Sports Bar & Grill
Miss Arizona Bike Week on the
T-Bar Trail Ride
The fun continues outside  
More from Westworld in Scottsdale